These are a few ideas I have for useful DIY hardware projects.

Pulse extender – inline unit that takes a single short pulse input and has a longer (variable, controllable) pulse output – for slow switches or servo motor controlled items.

Digital Lighting – coach lighting with digital level control

Switch Controls – digital switch control on a budget.

Braking Section – a smarter approach to a braking section for signals

Booster – Booster with MFX feedback built in.

PC Control – PC connectivity for direct control of trains and switches etc.

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  1. Suba Pasu says:


    Thank you, on your generosity in sharing your ideas. Really grand of you indeed. My question is will these work on Marklin 3 rail digital.

    Once again thanking you

    Best regards


    Kuala Lumpur
    West Malaysia

  2. Dave Cowl says:

    Hi Suba,

    These ideas are indeed for Märklin 3 rail. I wrote this some time ago and I think that the mfx capable booster has been released by Märklin already now. The other things though I have still been thinking about, especially the smarter breaking section for signals. I would like a scheme where the train slows down through digital instruction on breaking sections if the signal is red. It is tricky though to ensure that a train will stop before the signal under all conditions…

    Cheers! Dave.

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