A friend of mine pointed me to these interesting control components for switches etc. using compressed air.

There are a number of designs suitable for converting turnouts from LGB and other garden rail manufacturers.

There are also under table versions suitable for inside layouts in smaller scales, though the ruggedness of these parts makes them most interesting for outside use on G scale tracks.

While primarily intended for track switches, these controls can be used for pretty much anything that moves.

2 Comments » for EA-ZE Air Motion Controls Pneumatic Components for Switch Control
  1. John Moore says:

    I found pneumatic control great for my garden railway, but now I can’t obtain more E-Z Air components, which I have been using.

    Any supply source would be much appreciated.


    John Moore

  2. Dave Cowl says:

    Hi John, I don’t really have any leads on this – sadly I never got to play with them at all! Cheers! Dave.

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